Meet The MD/Chief Buyer


My Story - Pursuing the American Dream

My journey to success in America was not as easy as I hoped it would be. In 2005, I moved to the US from Nigeria after graduating from Babcock University. I was excited to marry my husband and pursue a corporate career. Unfortunately, a corporate career was not my life’s purpose, and I didn’t realize this until I had already experienced many years of disappointment. Every prospective employer pointed to my lack of experience, despite my previous work with Fortune 500 companies, and would not offer me a job.

Determined to succeed, I decided to return to University and earn a Master’s degree. At the time, I was also pregnant with my second son. My course load was heavy, and I received no leniency from professors when I struggled with sickness related to my pregnancy. Still, I graduated at the top of my class and reentered the job market. However, a corporate career was still not meant to be, as the financial market had just collapsed. The level of rejection I faced far surpassed what I had experienced in my first years in America. Each day, I applied to twenty jobs, used my networking skills, got invitations to interviews, prepped as well as I could…and still, not one job offer.  It was devastating. I had poured years of my life and all my effort into pursuing a corporate job, and the disappointment of being judged not good enough was overwhelming. And then, I discovered Heroshe...Read more about my story on Esther's blog.

My Values

My detail-oriented nature, reliability and belief in equality,  passion for exceptional customer service, open communication, trustworthiness, management skills and love for shopping, are brought to life in satisfying each customer’s expectations. These are the same core values Heroshe upholds.

Who We Are

Heroshe is the most reliable way to shop in the US from Nigeria. We understand the payment and international shipping barriers that make it difficult to shop the US from Nigeria. We bridge this gap by helping you shop from US online and physical stores and ship to you in Nigeria. The Heroshe Mission is simple.  To provide fast, safe and reliable US online shopping and shipping experience with value, integrity and exceptional customer service to individuals and businesses in Nigeria. Heroshe understands that exceeding customer expectations is the foundation for building trust and strives to personalize every customer interaction one order at a time. 

What You Get

  1. Quality Products 
  2. Exceptional Service
  3. Personalized Attention 
  4. No Mark-up
  5. Quick Response