We love the convenience of online shopping. The only thing that would make it better is if your items materialized at your door immediately upon ordering them. We haven’t got to that point yet, but it is our mission at Heroshe to make ordering from America as easy as possible.

Here are five tips to help reduce item delivery time when ordering from Amazon or eBay: 

Tip 1: Choose Prime Items on Amazon 

When shopping on Amazon, try as much as possible to select items that have the word "Prime" beside their prices, as shown in the picture below. Heroshe is an Amazon Prime member so customers that select prime items get "2-day free delivery". This ensures your item arrives at our offices in America faster and ships out to you quickly. 


Tip 2: Check Item Location and Estimated Delivery Time on eBay 

When shopping on eBay, always look out for the "Item location" and "Estimated Delivery Time". Items that ship from the US have a shorter delivery time, which means your order gets to Heroshe quicker and ships out to you quickly. The estimated delivery time tells you when Heroshe will receive the package. Items located outside the US (e.g. China, Hong Kong, India, UK) take anywhere from 7 -28 days to be delivered to Heroshe. This means it will take a while for you to receive the item. Please see picture below.

Tip 3: Heroshe Ships on Fridays 

As we ship all orders every Friday, placing your order request on the weekend will ensure that your items leave America for Nigeria on the following Friday. 


Tip 4: Submit Orders to Heroshe on Saturday 

The best day to submit an order request to Heroshe is Saturday. Why? This gives you time to make a payment by Monday. We place your order on the same day that we receive payment, and as most merchants offer free standard shipping, your order will then arrive 5-7 days after we place the order. It can be delivered to Heroshe by Friday of the same week and ship out to you on the same day. 


Tip 5: Upgrade the Shipping Option if You Need an Item Sooner  

While free standard shipping is offered by most US stores, this means that items will take 5-7 days to arrive at our US offices. If you need your item sooner, upgrade your shipping preferences to the next available option. This will ensure that the item gets to us sooner and can ship out to you on time. 

These tips will streamline your ordering process and help your products arrive in Nigeria sooner. Happy shopping! 


5 Nigerian Billionaires and How They Made It 2.jpg

Aren’t we all a little fascinated with billionaires? Such extreme wealth is almost unimaginable, and yet we can’t stop ourselves from dreaming of one day being billionaires, too.  Let’s face it, we’d settle for being millionaires! 

If you’re Nigerian, you may want to follow in the footsteps of these five billionaires. Chances are they started in a similar situation to you, and a combination of hard work, good timing, and business sense helped them to build their fortune. 

Aliko Dangote 

Not only is Dangote a Nigerian billionaire, he is also, according to Venture Magazine, the richest man in Africa. Three decades ago, he took a loan from his uncle to start trading in commodities, such as flour, sugar, rice and cement.  That business venture grew into manufacturing those products instead of just trading them, and he now owns the largest manufacturing conglomerate in West Africa. He makes most of his money from Dangote Cement, which produces 30 million metric tonnes of cement annually, and earns him $20 billion per year. Fortunately, Dangote is also an avid philanthropist, and gave away over $100 million in 2012 alone.  

Folorunsho Alakija

I’m always glad to see a powerful Nigerian woman earning money on her own! Alakija is considered the richest woman in Africa. She made her money in the oil industry as the head of Famfa Oil.  Interestingly, Alakija made the initial money for her oil company as a fashion designer. She studied fashion design in the United Kingdom, and upon her return to Nigeria, began to design clothes for successful Nigerian women, including, Maryam Babangida (who was the wife to former Nigerian military president, Ibrahim Babangida).  In addition to Famfa’s 60% stake in OML 127, Nigeria’s most prolific oil blocks, Alakija also owns over $200-million of real estate in the United Kingdom. 

Mike Adenuga 

Initially, Adenuga made his fortune by distributing Coca Cola and lace fabrics in his twenties. During Ibrahim Babangida’s presidency, Adenuga was also fortunate to handle many lucrative government contracts. Since then, he has branched into oil and telecommunications. He founded Conoil Producing, an oil exploration and production outfit, in addition to Globacom, which is a hugely popular Nigerian mobile telecommunications network. Adenuga’s fortune totals $8 billion. 

Gilbert Chagoury 

Chagoury’s dabbles in a number of different industries, including manufacturing, real estate, hospitality, construction and healthcare. His company, Chagoury Group, which he co-founded, owns five flour-milling companies, a glass bottle manufacturing plant, hotels, and an impressive real estate portfolio. Despite a controversy in 2001, where he admitted to helping Nigerian dictator, Sani Abacha, transfer $300 million to offshore account and had to repay the British courts, Chagoury’s estimated fortune is still $4.2 billion.

Abdulsamad Rabiu

Forbes totes Rabiu as one of Africa’s newest billionaires. He acts as the CEO of BUA Group, a private conglomerate with annual revenues estimated at $2 billion. As he is the son of prosperous businessman Isyaku Rabiu, Abdulsamad is no stranger to success. He took over his father’s business at the age of 24, before starting BUA Group in 1988. Now his stake in commodities and cement, in addition to his real estate holdings in South Africa and London ensure that his fortune is going to continue to grow.  

While most of us will only ever dream of being billionaires, there’s no reason why you can’t own your own successful company.  Many of the people on this list started small. At Heroshe, we help small business owners buy their inventory in America and then sell products to Nigerian shoppers. You can start by just selling to your family and friends and then gradually increase sales as your happy customers refer you! To learn more, please watch our quick, informational video.




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Genevieve Nnaji: What To Wear


Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji, wowed audiences at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards last year. She was nominated for the Best Actress in a Drama award, and donned two dresses for the event. My favorite was this vibrant yellow dress.

Doesn't she look gorgeous?

What She Did Right

The fit accentuates her figure, and the cap sleeves are to-die-for. She didn't miss a thing with her accessories either; her sparkly silver clutch and leaf-shaped diamond earrings add just the right amount of sparkle to the shimmery dress.

What She Did Wrong

Nothing! Okay, okay, if I were to change one tiny thing, I would recommend a more neutral nail polish shade. While the blue gave a pop of color to her white dress earlier in the night, it clashes with her already show-stealing yellow number.

How You Can Recreate The Look

Here’s how you can recreate the look without the Nollywood price tag.

Yellow is a gorgeous color for spring and cap sleeves are flattering on any figure. This yellow dress from ASOS features the cap sleeves and body-hugging fit Genevieve favored.  Flirty details, like the pencil skirt, sweetheart neckline and open back make it the perfect dress for a night out – red carpet not required! $41.39

This crystal clutch  from Nordstrom will add the same dash of sparkle, and comes with a dainty strap, so you can dance the night away without worrying about holding onto your purse. $148.00 

To complete your look, Overstock has these leaf-shaped sterling silver dangle earrings. $22.99 

What would you change about Genevieve Nnaji’s look?





As a personal shopper, I love shopping – obviously!

Part of what makes me an excellent personal shopper is that I always seek the best deals, target the best sales and study the retail industry to know the best times to shop. While I love shopping for myself, it is my joy to shop for other people. I love buying gifts for people, and I love to find the absolute perfect one. I never make a purchase without first looking for a discount coupon or sales deal, and I always recommend them to my customers first.  You can trust that I want to pass on the best deals. 

So, I have to tell you about the best sales deal I’ve ever found. It’s a secret I want everyone to know about. Macy's One Day Sale can't beat it and Amazon's “Buy 1 get 80% off the second item” is nothing compared to this deal.


I call it the “Buy One Get All Free” deal.  And best of all, it’s offered by the master shopper! Yes, one even better than me. The master shopper, the one who provides the ultimate savings, is offering “Buy One Get All Free”.

Now, you may be wondering who the master shopper is. Well, it’s God, and he offers his son so that we may be saved. The best part? The deal never expires. It’s valid for your whole life and the next one.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping now in the greatest mall ever created:  The Bible. In The Bible, you will find all the deals that save you time and money.

I can even give you the access code right now. No waiting for special sales days and no mail-in rebate required. To get this deal simply say this statement out loud to yourself and begin believing in your heart:  

“Lord Jesus, I know that you love me and you want to always take care of me. I believe that you died and rose again for me, and I want to live for you. So please come into my heart and make me your child. Forgive me for all the bad things I have done and help me be a good person that makes you happy. Thank you that I can live forever with you. I love you Lord. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.”

Congratulations! You just got the best deal ever: eternal life. The deal never expires, and it only gets better with time.  Stay plugged into a Bible to get regular updates and other special offers. 



While everyone has their own unique style, there are some staple items that look good on every woman. From little black dresses to fitted black blazers, we have rounded up the 10 must have items for every woman’s closet.

Fitted Black Blazer 

A black blazer is one of the most versatile items in any woman’s wardrobe. A fitted blazer can be worn to the office, paired with jeans and white t-shirt for a casual daytime look, or thrown over a fitted dress for nighttime events.  Guess’ faux-leather blazer, $138, brings a modern edge to black blazers. 

Little Black Dress 

Every woman knows the importance of having a little black dress. Black is flattering, and the little black dress is normally the go-to outfit for most events. This V-neck dress from Zara, $39.99, offers a unique twist on classic styles. 

Colorful or Patterned Scarf 

Add a pop of color to all black or white outfits! This feminine flowered scarf from H&M, $9.95, is perfect for summer days. 

Statement Necklace 

A statement necklace is a great way to add a little fun to a simple outfit, and they can be relatively inexpensive. This statement necklace from Charming Charlie’s, $20, comes with earrings and adds a pop of red. Pair with a pair of red ballet flats, flared jeans, and a white t-shirt, and you have a perfectly put together outfit! 

Flared Jeans 

Unlike other jean styles, like skinny jeans, flared jeans are flattering for almost all body types. Invest in quality jeans that hug your figure and make an easy transition from a daytime to nighttime outfit.  These True Religion flare jeans, $198, are high quality and come in dark denim. 

Black Pumps 

Every woman needs to own a pair of black pumps! They match almost every outfit and are just as suitable for a day in the office as they are for a night on the town. These Steve Madden black pumps, $99.98, are simple but still sexy. 

Diamond Studs 

A little bit of sparkle in your ears is a divine way to accentuate your face and add some class to any outfit. If you don’t own any diamonds, check out these Tiffany Solitaire diamond earrings, $1,125. Either treat yourself or drop some hints to your partner!  

White Shirt 

They may be impossible to keep clean, but a white shirt is a necessity for every woman’s closet – especially when paired with a statement necklace or patterned scarf! Buying a quality material (and being careful to not spill food on it) will ensure that you can keep your white shirt for a while. Neiman Marcus’ white tunic, $88, is the optimal blend of t-shirt and button down. 

A-Line Dress 

The A-line dress tucks in at the waist and flaisr around the hips, accentuating your figure. This red A-line dress from Calvin Klein, $99.50, also features a beautiful V-neck and pleated shoulders. 

Investment Handbag 

You know the kind of handbag we’re talking about. They cost half a month’s rent, but they also draw admiring gazes everywhere you go and last forever.  This Michael Kors bag, $398, is large enough to hold your daily necessities and still beautifully accessorize every outfit. 

Every one of the items listed here (and many more) can be ordered through Heroshe.  Do all your shopping online and have American products delivered to your door. To get started, find the items you like, and then fill out our simple form.


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If you have ever tried to order products from Amazon in Nigeria, you will have already discovered the unfortunate news: Amazon does not ship to Nigeria. This causes untold frustration for Nigerian shoppers, who have to think about creative ways to get Amazon products delivered to Nigeria. Some customers choose to ship their orders to American addresses and then have friends mail the products to Nigeria. Not only is this inconvenient, it’s expensive. You could end up paying twice the cost of the product once all the shipping costs add up. Plus, what if you don’t have any friends in America? Then you just have to give up on owning Amazon products altogether. 

Why Doesn't Amazon Ship to Nigeria? 

You may be able to buy a very limited amount of items from Amazon, but the vast majority of products cannot be shipped to Nigeria. Due to geographical shipping limitations, direct shipping to Nigeria is currently not available. This is frustrating for Nigerians, as there is a huge market for Amazon products but no way for shoppers to receive them directly from Amazon. 

Can You Still Get Amazon Products Shipped to Nigeria? 

The simplest way to get items from Amazon shipped to Nigeria is to engage the services of a shipping and procurement company. 

May we suggest Heroshe? 

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we did establish Heroshe simply because we wanted to be helpful. We provide an easy way for Nigerians to get Amazon products because we want all shoppers to have equal opportunity. In other words, we've got your back. 

A procurement company, like Heroshe, offers a reliable and trustworthy way for you to buy products from Amazon and have them delivered to your door. Don’t bother with the expense or inconvenience of finding a US address to ship to! Instead, find the products you like, fill out our simple form, and Heroshe will send you a quote, which you can modify or accept. Once you have paid for your items (with no markups from Heroshe), your job is done. The shipping will be taken care of, and you can either collect items from our warehouse in Lagos or have them delivered right to your home.


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Whether you’re a Nigerian native or traveling to Abuja from overseas, it’s always best to get an insight into the best places to stay before you arrive.  Typically, I like to avoid chain hotels in order to experience some of the local culture and have a unique stay away from home. Even if you are only visiting Abuja for business, that’s no reason why you shouldn’t indulge in a little luxury! Below are five of the best hotels in Abuja. 

The Nordic Residence

Truly a luxury hotel, The Nordic Residence is the top rated Abuja hotel on popular review website, Trip Advisor.  In addition to being one of the newest boutique hotels in Abuja, it is expertly maintained and boasts twenty-two unique rooms and suites. For business travelers, The Nordic Residence is a first choice as each room offers a desk and free Wi-Fi. 

Hotel De Bently

The Hotel De Bently is a fashionable, contemporary hotel that is perfect for frequent travelers, as it’s located near the International Airport in Abuja. In addition to a grand ballroom, where everything from business meetings to cocktail parties are held, there is also a first-class restaurant and bar in the lobby. The rooms are vibrantly decorated, and the many happy reviews from previous guests prove that this hotel lives up to its four star rating. 

The Nordic Villa

Often described as an oasis of calm, The Nordic Villa is a private, boutique hotel.  The hotel is decorated in a simplistic and modern style, which, as the name suggests, is reminiscent of Scandinavian design.  Located just ten short minutes from the heart of downtown Abuja, the Nordic Villa is a perfect retreat for guests looking for a safe and peaceful stay. 

Grand Towers Hotel

Advertised as luxury accommodation for business travelers, Grand Towers Hotel is a boutique hotel designed to be as comfortable as possible. The elegant and spacious rooms boast a beautiful view of the Abuja skyline, and three full-service restaurants give guests no reason to ever leave the hotel.  

Protea Hotel

Once again, the Protea Hotel is a favorite for business travelers due to its 24-hour business center and boardroom. The hotel also offers a restaurant and bar and is a short 10-minute drive from Abuja’s city center. The rooms are well appointed and have an en-suite that includes a Jacuzzi bat. Luxury rooms contain king-sized beds and a lounge area.


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Heroshe-PAN Nigeria-shop in the US from Nigeria-Esthers-blog-10-small-businesses-to-start-in-nigeria.jpg
Esther-Heroshe-reliable-shopping-the-usa-from-Nigeria-10-easy business-part2.jpg

6.     Invest in Property

Admittedly, property investment takes more upfront capital than some other business ideas in Nigeria. But if you have the capital, you should definitely look into purchasing land or property in Lagos, as you can make anywhere from 100%-200% profit when you resell the property. You can also rent out office buildings or homes and make a reasonable passive income each month without having to do any work.

7.     Create a Writing Company

Many of the jobs in the United States are currently being outsourced to other countries, and writing is no different. Most businesses have blogs, and they also require web content, newsletters, informational brochures, and many other writing-related tasks, so the need for quality writers never decreases. You can offer freelance services from home. If you’re better suited to a management position, recruit writers in Nigeria and then source jobs online.

8.     Open a Daycare Center

Although there are many daycare centers in Nigeria, the majority of them don’t meet the high standards of mothers and fathers who need people to look after their kids while they work. If you’re creative, enjoy children, and have a clean home or property, then opening a daycare is a great small business option in Nigeria.

9.     Offer Web Development

The technology market is expanding, and the United States also outsources many of their web related jobs to other countries.  You can learn web design and coding online and then offer web development services from home. This is one industry where you can make very good money if you are technology inclined.

10.    Sew Specialized Uniforms

The need for specialized uniforms in Nigeria is huge. In Lagos alone, there are over 500 schools. There also military organizations, like the Air Force and Navy, and non-paramilitary groups, like road safety and traffic wardens, and a number of businesses that need uniforms for their security personnel. With such a large demand, sewing specialized uniforms will be sure to keep you busy.

These are just ten business ideas out of the plethora of business opportunities in Nigeria. As long as you’re entrepreneurial and creative, you can start a lucrative business in Nigeria. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone – without risk there is no reward!

Know a friend who hates their job or is seeking a new opportunity?


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Eric Roth once said, “Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss” (although you may better remember Brad Pitt uttering those words in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button).  The point is that opportunities are all around you, especially when it comes to creating a small business, and you just have to be willing to capitalize on them.

Are you tired of working for someone else and never making enough money? It may be time to start your own business! There are plenty of ways to start a small business in Nigeria, and many of them don’t require large amounts of upfront capital. You just have to look at what is in high demand in Nigeria, and then find a way to become the go-to supplier of that product, service, or skill. Here are 10 easy small business ideas for Nigeria that you could start immediately:

1.     Sell American Products to Family and Friends

This is a great option as you can start on a relatively small scale and then expand as your friends began to refer you to their friends and business grows. At Heroshe, we help small business owners buy their inventory in America. The more you order, the less our service fee is and we never mark up prices. You can get American products delivered to your home and then resell them to family and friends. (If you would like to get started, watch our video on how the process works.)

2.     Offer Catering Service

 Do you love to cook? Opening a catering business may the perfect business opportunity for you. You can cook from your home and then cater for all local events. This will be a relatively cheap business to start. Beside the cost of food, you may have to also hire a few employees as you begin to book more events, but the price of your services should more than cover these expenses.

3.     Start a Palm Oil Storage Business

By storing palm oil and reselling it during the off-peak seasons, you can make a lot of money. Buy palm oil between February and April, when the price of palm drops, and then resell it in July for a profit of 50-60%. 

4.     Transport Business

There are many organizations in Nigeria that need transportation but cannot afford to buy a vehicle. If you buy a bus (or several buses), you can become the go-to transportation service for schools, religious organizations, and non-profits. By focusing on one industry, like educational institutions, you can become the transportation service for every school in the area and establish a lucrative business.

 5.     Establish a Security Agency

 The government is continually looking for ways to improve the security situation in Nigeria, but many individuals and business owners have realized that security is not the responsibility of the government alone. The need for excellent security services in Nigeria is on the rise. You can recruit protections professionals and set up a security agency, or you can become a bodyguard. Another option is to import and sell security products.


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Heroshe Shopping

My journey to success in America was not what I imagined it would be. Before I left Nigeria, I was overjoyed at the prospect of all that was ahead of me but I wasn't prepared for the hardships. What followed were some of the most difficult years of my life, where I faced constant rejection and disappointment, before I finally found my purpose. 

In 2005, I moved to America to pursue my version of the American dream. I had just graduated from Babcock University, with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and at the top of my class. I was going to marry the man I loved, discover a new country, and find good use of my degree in a career I enjoyed. I felt buoyant with possibility.


I soon realized that the reality of America was not all that I hoped.


After settling into married life, I decided to venture into the American job market. I was confident that my degree combined with my prior experience at Shell Nigeria and KPMG Nigeria would allow me to have my choice of jobs.

I searched for months, growing more and more despondent with each day that passed and I was still without a job. Months soon turned into years without so much as one job opportunity. Despite my previous internships, every prospective employer pointed to my lack of experience as a reason not to hire me.

I was disappointed but still determined. I consulted with several people in the industry and each one told me that I lacked American education. I felt as if everything I achieved before I came to American meant nothing to American employers!

Pregnant with my second son, I enrolled in an American school to get my masters degree.  It was a very difficult time in my life.  My course load was heavy, and my instructors showed no sympathy towards me when I struggled with the pains and sickness of pregnancy.


I was determined, and my difficulties did not defeat me. 


I graduated with a 3.8 GPA, once again near the top of my class. When I finally got to touch my degree, it was like being able to hold my future in my hands. Since moving to America, my enthusiasm had been dampened by all the rejection I faced. Now, I felt the same hope as I did on the day I left Nigeria.

I was not prepared for the disappointment that was still in store for me.  The financial market had just collapsed when I entered the job market again. The level of rejection I faced far surpassed what I had experienced in my first years in America. I applied to twenty jobs a day, used my networking skills, got invitations to interview and prepped as well as I could…and still, not one job offer. 

It was devastating. I had poured years of my life and all my effort into pursuing a corporate job, and the disappointment of being judged not good enough was overwhelming.  Then, my husband asked me a simple question: “Why do you want a corporate job?”

I had never asked myself that.  I had just always imagined myself as the corporate type: dressed in power suits, attending important meetings, and holding prestigious briefs. I didn't question whether I would enjoy doing any of those things; a corporate job just felt like the only option.


Can you turn any of those passion into a business?


But I had followed all the rules, done everything I possible could, and I hadn't secured a corporate job.  Did God have a better plan I could not see?  After much soul searching and prayer, I decided to stop pursuing a corporate career.  Again, a simple question from my husband: “What are you passionate about?”  The answer came easily: shopping and helping people.  “Can you turn any of those passion into a business?” he asked.

At first, the question stumped me. How could I possibly turn shopping and helping people into a business? Then I realized I had already been doing a combination of those passions for years.  I had helped my sister start her business selling American products in Nigeria. I had helped friends and families shop in the US from Nigeria.  Every time, I had exceeded their expectations

Shortly after discovering this new idea for a business, I was invited to a professional women’s conference at Rice University. I was privileged and inspired to meet women who were excelling in their areas of business. It dawned on me that I could be successful doing something I loved, too. Instead of chasing after American companies and contributing to their dream, I could build my own dream.


If you find yourself chasing after a corporate career, ask yourself why.


I reached out to a woman I regularly networked with and asked her to start a company with me. We called it Heroshe: “meaning”. I had found my meaning.  People who were happy with my previous service referred me and business took off faster than I could have imagined.

Now, a corporate career seems unimaginable. I wanted a corporate job so badly that I never stopped to ask myself why.  If you find yourself chasing after a corporate career, ask yourself why. You have a purpose within you greater than you can imagine. Don’t let anyone else place limitations on what you can achieve. All those years of applying for jobs, I let other people tell me “no” when I should have just told myself “yes”.

Yes, I can be happy.

Yes, I can be successful.

Yes, I can have a career that I love while still having time to enjoy my beautiful children.

If you find yourself in a similar situation as I was or are in a corporate job you don’t enjoy, believe that you can have a different life.  I want to help everyone find the same freedom I did. I understand the fear, pain and depression that come from rejection and disappointment. Since starting Heroshe, I have helped several people establish their own business. If you ever need advice or encouragement, please reach out to me. 


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