The President of Christian Association of Nigeria has cleared the air on why there are many rich pastors and poor members. Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor said allegations of milking the poor is baseless. How do you milk someone of what he doesn't have? A poor man that earns N10,000 pays a tithe of N1000, how does that make a pastor rich? People forget it is the same church that both the poor and the rich attend, most of the things the pastors get come from those with means. 

The church brought education and healthcare to Nigeria and should be thanked instead of being criticised. On the issue of schools, he said the poor aren't the ones who build but those with means. The schools have to maintain a standard which is why they charge exorbitant fees. He took a swipe at El Rufai saying he's too small for him to dignify with a response. Do you agree with Pastor Ayo's comments?

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