In a move that is believed to make a scapegoat and excuse for Chelsea’s failed season, Jose Mourinho, has lashed out at Eden Hazard, claiming that he does not sacrifice himself for the team, after he struggled defensively against Atletico Madrid. The two have had a battle of words since Wednesday night with their post match comments sparking a row. Speculations are now rife that Hazard might leave Chelsea in the summer. Mourinho also responded directly to quotes from Hazard, where the 23-year-old said he does not set up the team to play football. The Blues manager insisted that his player’s statements were twisted by the media.

The Belgian winger failed to track Juanfran’s run in the build-up to Adrian Lopez’s equalizer on Wednesday and went ahead to criticize Mourinho’s tactics after the match. “Against Atletico in Madrid, Willian played on the left side and Ashley Cole was protected all game. Against Liverpool, Schurrle played on the left side and a dangerous player like Glen Johnson was completely under control,” Mourinho told reporters. “Eden is the kind of player that is not so mentally ready to look back to his left-back and live his life for him. “If you see the first goal of Atletico you completely understand where the mistake was and why we conceded that goal. The perfect team at the top level can’t make these mistakes. Criticizing his players publicly seems to be Mourinho’s new hobby, let’s see how the Hazard case will pan out. 

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