Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso of Kano State apparently angered by President Jonathan’s accusation that he pocketed his campaign money during the 2011 presidential election, stormed the venue the president used for his rally and swept his footprints away. Jonathan had during a rally in Kano on Tuesday accused the governor of frustrating his ambition by refusing to release the money he gave him for delegates from his state. 

He then lambasted the President for flying all over the country just hours after a major bomb blast in Abuja had killed many. “The man came to Kano to smear our image, but thank God, he gave me free publicity by mentioning my name over 50 times in a 15-minute address. “If I decide to contest for the Presidency, I will beg APC, APGA and Labour Party not to vote for me. I want to assure you that, with the PDP votes that I will garner, I will defeat the President hands down” the governor stated. Serious talk. What do you make of the President's trips?

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