Well, maybe not exactly the kind of death you had in mind but nonetheless, it can kill your personal confidence and consequently, your social life.  Medically, it is a condition known as chronic halitosis. The good news is you are not the only one with such so there is no need to feel depressed. Statistics show that over 80 million people worldwide have this issue. What is important is to know the probable causes as that will aid you in getting the remedy. The most common causes include what you eat as some foods promote bad breath, e.g. garlic and onions. Also, poor oral hygiene is another major cause while some do not have anything to do with the mouth.

Reducing intake of such foods that promote halitosis is a good place to start, brushing twice daily, investing in a good mouthwash, stopping medications that cause dry mouths and in turn bad breath as soon as possible are some of the things that can be done to reduce halitosis. Also, speaking with your dentist will help narrow it down to what affects you specifically. The good news however, is that it can e treated successfully with your own commitment at minimal cost.

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