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Heroshe-shop-in-the-us-from-nigeria-news-nigerian-newspapers-politics-apc-pdp-loss-of-lives-immigration-minister of interior.png

Publicity secretary of the People's Democratic Party; Olisa Metuh spoke saying that the All Progressives Congress members should be ashamed of themselves. This was after the APC issued a statement blaming the PDP led FG for Saturday's deaths. About twelve people died from stampedes at venues of the Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment in the country. APC Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed blasted the FG for its ineptitude that led to the unnecessary loss of lives of Nigerians.

Metuh said APC choosing to play politics with such a sensitive issue as human death is a manifestation of the party's janjaweed ideology. He wondered why a party would try to score cheap political points from such a tragedy. He called the party an ill bred party that lacked class and would do anything in its quest for power at all costs. He said the PDP had swung into action by ordering investigations of what led to the deaths as a responsible party. What exactly is there to investigate? 

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