The Minister of Interior, Abba Moro has said the deaths caused by stampedes at various venues of the Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment was as a result of impatience. He claimed the applicants did not conduct themselves in an orderly manner and follow laid down rules. This was after seven people were reported officially dead in Abuja and 3 pregnant women in Benin as well. Unconfirmed reports of dead people came in from Port Harcourt and Minna. 

One would wonder why over 520,000 people would be invited to write tests in open stadiums across the country on the same day. Protests started in the Lagos venue and the test had to be cancelled. A test that was slated for 7am didn't start till 2pm in most centres. Mr Moro said only 4,556 slots were available to the candidates. This goes to highlight the gross unemployment in Nigeria. Whose heads should roll for the deaths? 

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