Chairman, House of Reps Ad-hoc committee on constitution review has stated what they have been able to achieve in their quest to amend the 1999 constitution to reflect the yearnings of Nigerians. He says 71 key sections have been amended so far and all of them reflect the will of the people. They were collated transparently through public sessions which were posted online so all Nigerians could access it and verify its truthfulness and authenticity. He claims no one has challenged the reports. 

Some of the sections amended include Section 7 which grants full executive, legislative and financial autonomy to LGs, Section 8 which states the new guidelines for creation of new states which is now independent of the President's approval and Sections 45A-D which make basic education and primary health care free and a right of all Nigerians. In what is seen as the bravest move in most quarters, Section 308 has been amended to strip off criminal immunity from serving executives. This many believe will help reduce the impunity on the part of the executive governors and president.

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