Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal was conspicuously absent from the PDP North West zone rally in Kaduna state that held yesterday. He chose to open plenary and declare mourning in the house. He was especially infuriated by the deaths of the kids in FGC Bunin Yadi, Yobe state and walked house members through an imaginary scene of how the killings occurred. He asked that they be empathetic.

He stated that the nation has run out of excuses as the bloodletting in many states of the country had become unacceptable. He emphasised that security was the least Nigerians expected from their government and lack of that is an indictment of the government. He gave a very touching speech and rallied all members to wake up to their responsibilities. This is a very bold move Mr Speaker, this speaks volume.  Is this political posturing or genuine sensitivity for the people?

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