Low Fees for Online Shopping from Nigeria ?

What do you really pay?

  • Want products from America but don’t want to pay exorbitant prices for them?  We understand.
  • Don’t worry, at Heroshe, we make it possible for Nigerians to buy products from America.
  • Our services are as convenient and affordable as possible.
  • What you pay depends on the service you choose: in-store or online shopping service. 

Who chooses in-store shopping?

  • Of course, at Heroshe, we provide in-store shopping services for everyone. 
  • But, most boutiques, shops, and supermarkets that want to shop a variety of stores choose in-store shopping.
  • It’s also a helpful service for people who know what they love but they’re not sure what they want. We can help with that.
  • A dedicated shopping specialist works with you to find and purchase the right products.
  • This way you get an amazing inventory without the hard work.
  • Okay, we admit it – shopping is the best hard work there is.
  • So, what do you end up paying?
  • We charge 25% of your total order value for our in-store shopping service and we never mark-up prices. 
  • It’s that simple!

What about online shopping fees?

For online shopping, service fees range from 5 to 20% of the total value of your order.

We like to encourage you to indulge, so the more you buy, the less you pay.

For example:

  • Orders $500 and under pay 20%
  • Orders $501 - $1,000 pay 15%
  • Orders $1001 - $5,000 pay 10%
  • Orders $5001 and up pay 5%

Worried we may have some secret fees we’re not telling you about?

  • Well, we don’t. We don’t charge any additional fees, but customers are subject to taxes, local and international shipping fees.
  • If you pick up your items from our Lagos office, you will get your products sooner and won’t have to worry about delivery fees
  • Else, We’ll deliver products right to your doorstep for a nominal fee of one thousand Naira.
  • You can pay in either Naira or dollars to our GTB account and we’ll get your order rolling.
  • You are moments away from a lifetime of happiness
  • Click the “Get started” button now to get started today.
  • OR
  • Click on “Contact Us” if you have any questions

Heroshe “the most reliable way to shop in the US from Nigeria”